Brand new adidas were part of the giveaways at the November 23rd, LWKC table at #WinDay, the food and distribution event held in conjunction with The Know Joey? Foundation..


This year, the team had the distinct honor of joining the Know Joey Foundation to provide performances, panels and other resources. The Let’s Win KC booth was a popular stop as new sneakers and give-a-ways were issued to many attendees who to advantage of the opportunity to learn about mental health issues while also picking up food for their families.

Mental health experts, community leader and other resource providers were on site, in addition to celebrity guests. Here are some of the things we learned:

Krizz Kaliko, chart-topping musician who has worked alongside Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Eminem, Cee-Lo, Cardi-B, and Enrique Iglesias among others, revealed his new project titled Stop The World. Here he tackled anxiety, dealing with trauma, and what it’s like to feel different and alone. Here are two of the things that helped him overcome and reach success:

1. Mindset is everything. You have to see yourself as a wolf and not a sheep. Sheep care about not standing out and want to be accepted by everyone. While it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to be liked by everyone else, it’s bad for your health because you will never get everyone to love you. The best way to get the love we deserve is to be ourselves, embrace being different, and then (and only then) your tribe will find you. And they will love you and rock with you for you – and not because you’re pretending to be someone else.

2. What are you good at? What is your superpower? You can reduce self-doubt and the importance of outside opinions by finding and going all-in on what you’re passionate about. The more you lean into what makes you happy, the less everything else matters!

We were also joined by several panels of all-stars led by Kansas City, Missouri City Councilwoman Melissa Robinson, Ryan S. Harvey, and Kyle Harvey, as well as Jo-Blaq, Cecil Wattree, Krizz Kaliko, Allycia Strother, and Keyonna Renea. Here were some of the insights that came out of their panels:

Success is often determined by one’s ability to control and master our emotions. Use them for motivation. If you let them control your actions, your pride may feel good, but you’re going to constantly be taking “L”s and life is going to be a lot harder than it has to be.

Negotiating is an important part of relationships. If you think it’s just going to be “your way” and you’re not open for feedback, then your relationships are going to suffer and die. During a disagreement you have to stop and ask yourself “I know I’m right, but what if I’m wrong and they’re right?.” and then hear them out with an open mind to see where they’re coming from. What’s weird is you can both actually be right about the same topic based on how you’re thinking about it!

The most important thing you can do is to learn how to have hard conversations and deal with conflict effectively. Too often we don’t build that skill and things escalate way past where they should. Now you’re a lot worse off than where you were before.

We’re looking forward to helping KC continue growing and winning.



While it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to be liked by everyone else, it’s bad for your health because you will never get everyone to love you.