Everyone needs a little help. You’re not alone. Together we WIN KC!  Mental Health Support Pocket Cards provide a few reminders and coping tips for moments when you’re feeling down, overwhelmed, anxious or even angry.  Plus, it includes contacts to key resources.

coping with anxiety & depression

It’s OK to have mental health challenges or illness. There is no shame in showing symptoms of your mental health illness just as symptoms of physical illness are evident to those around them. The most important part is starting your path of healing. needs a little help. You’re not alone. Together we WIN KC! 
Just a few reminders when you’re feeling down, overwhelmed, or anxious.

Talk to a person who cares about you. Start with contacts in your phone or In
MO call 988 for a 24/7 FREE Crisis line. People care. You’re not alone.

Print a quick reference to more coping tips on Anxiety, Anger & Depression

Remember life is funny. It’s ok to laugh and be sad at the same time.
Laughing & focusing on positives makes life better.   

Lift weights. Lift yourself off the couch. Get moving.
Physical exercise eases pain and improves mood.

Help someone out. Be their strength.
Linking up and being valuable to others reduces depression.

On the support you need. It’s ok to ask for help.
See your counselor. Connect with an old friend. Talk to a doctor.

Social media. That stuff ain’t always real and it can wreck you.
Pursue an in-person friendship. “Try to say Hi.”

Even when life seems hard, choose to live it. You have value and purpose.
There’s always a reason for hope.
Call 988 National Suicide Prevention (or 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
or Text 741741 for a live counselor for ANY crisis.

The stuggle is real but you can win.
let’s win kc